Less than a 10-minute walk from Bullring & Grand Central, Birmingham's creative hub is packed full of little quirks and is home to a whole host of places to eat and drink. Mostly known for its street food, with Digbeth Dining Club and a variety of pop-ups constantly appearing, Digbeth is the place to be for all foodies wanting a fun, unique (and trendy) tasting experience. So if you're heading to Digbeth, continue reading to find the best places to visit, eat and drink.


Get the train to Birmingham New Street station. From the station, Digbeth is a five-minute walk away. Alternatively, you can also get a taxi from the station to the area.


As Digbeth is situated in close proximity to the city centre, you'll be spoilt for hotel choice! Accommodation in Digbeth itself ranges from trendy serviced apartments such as Aparthotel Adagio, to comfy hostels like Birmingham Backpackers.

If you want a pleasant respite from the hustle and bustle of the city centre, Aparthotel Adagio, is the place for you. Located in an ideal location, Aparthotel Adagio will provide you with a refreshing air conditioned studio and apartment accommodation.

If you're on a budget and want to be in the heart of Digbeth, Backpackers is ideal. The Backpackers is only a three-minute walk from the Custard Factory. All rooms are individually decorated and range from dorms to private bedrooms.  

Local pubs such as The Old Crown also offer comfy bed and breakfasts for visitors. This stylish pub has 10 bedrooms and one apartment to book.

What to do


For some scrumptious breakfast, start off your day at Kanteen, one of the latest additions to the Custard Factory. With a laid back atmosphere, sit back and relax with your cup of coffee and refreshing breakfast as you prepare for a day full of activity.

Once you've finished your breakfast, take a short stroll to one of the most loved independent cinemas - the Mockingbird Bar and Theatre, which is also located in the Custard Factory. This intimate and cosy cinema is the perfect setting for you to get lost and immerse yourself in an epic in a film. With both new and classic films showing regularly, there is bound to be something for all to enjoy!


Feeling peckish after the film? Well stick around at the Mockingbird for some show stopping food and drink. From craft beers, to bespoke themed food and drink, prepare for your cinematic experience to be one to remember.


To liven up your day before dinner, head to Ghetto Golf for some cheeky fun. With graffiti and incredible artwork plastered everywhere, Ghetto Golf offers the perfect place for you to let loose and go wild. If you fancy a drink, Ghetto Gold even has it's very own swanky cocktail bar!


Now that the evening is upon us, head down to Digbeth Dining Club, located at the atmospheric Spotlight Club, for some of the best street food around. This critically acclaimed restaurant is packed full of delicious street food, so you’re guaranteed to find something that you will like.

However, if you're craving some traditional home style food, you can easily grab something to eat at pubs such as The Old Crown. Built in 1368, The Old Crown is Birmingham’s oldest inn, and it is now a landmark of the city. This cosy pub offers the best grub – from delicious sandwiches and burgers, to traditional pub classics!


To liven up your evening before you crash out for the night, embark on a little bar crawl around Digbeth!

Start off at Kilder, a cool and quirky bar found along Shaw’s Passage. This little craft beer bar offers a wide selection of drinks. If you fancy a snack alongside your drink, Kilder also offers British cured meats, British cheeses and bar snacks such as pork pies and sausage rolls from Paddock Farm in the Cotswolds.

Finally, grab your dancing shoes and end your night at the iconic Night Owl, the Midlands’ finest soul and retro club and intimate live music venue set in the heart of Digbeth. You can either join the Night Owl for a regular club night, or for a special event! Either way, you’ll be guaranteed a memorable time!


Bullring & Grand Central
Shopping Centre
Bullring & Grand Central

​The centre is the largest shopping destination in the city welcoming thousands of visitors every week. Bullring & Grand Central offers a range of brands including the iconic Selfridges as well as LEGO, H&M Home, MAC and Arket.

Aparthotel Adagio Birmingham City Centre
Aparthotel Adagio Birmingham City Centre

Offering a free fitness centre, Aparthotel Adagio Birmingham City Centre is located 200 yards from the Bullring Shopping Centre. Free WiFi is accessible throughout, and parking is available near to the property.

Birmingham Backpackers
Birmingham Backpackers

Located in Birmingham’s city centre, the Central Backpackers is just a 1-minute walk from the National Express Coach Station and the Bull Ring shopping centre is only 5 minutes’ walk away. Free Wi-Fi is available and a free snack buffet is served nig

The Old Crown
The Old Crown

Established in 1368, The Old Crown is Birmingham's oldest and friendliest pub.


Located in the Custard Factory, expect to find the freshest and tastiest breakfast, brunch and lunch at Kanteen. This quaint eatery serves the best delicious, affordable and ethical cuisine, which is inspired by world street food.

Golf Fang Birmingham
Crazy Golf
Golf Fang Birmingham

We are not your average crazy golf course and don’t do things by half! With 18 holes of pure entertainment in an environment surrounded by bespoke art, giving you something new to explore and be inspired by at every turn.


Kilder is a Craft Beer, Natural Wine & Cider bar, based in the heart of Birmingham.

The Night Owl
The Night Owl

The Night Owl is The Midlands’ finest soul and retro club and intimate live music venue set in the heart of Digbeth, the Creative Quarter of Birmingham.



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