Peaky Blinders

The hit TV series Peaky Blinders has placed Birmingham and the West Midlands firmly in the national and international spotlight. But long before the BBC drama series aired, the region was already celebrating its unique and colourful past.

Who are The Peaky Blinders?

The Peaky Blinders were an urban street gang based in Birmingham and the West Midlands, operating from the end of the 19th century up until the start of the First World War. Recognised for their signature outfits of tailored jackets and peaked flat caps, the gang built themselves from social power robbery, violence, political influence and gambling to become one of the most influential gangs of that era (pretty clever eh?). So influential in fact, that writer & director Steven Knight and the BBC decided that they needed their own series.

What can you expect when visiting Birmingham and the West Midlands? Unfortunately, we can’t promise Thomas Shelby himself, however we do have some amazing Peaky Blinders inspired experiences to get your teeth into… Immerse yourself in the raw and gritty atmosphere that breathes life into the show, whether by visiting the authentic Peaky Blinders set at the Black Country Living Museum or embarking on a thrilling Peaky Blinders tour. Explore the very locations that served as the backdrop for some of the series' most iconic scenes!

Escape Live, Peaky Blinders Adventure

Want something different to do with your friends or family? Escape Live, Peaky Blinders is a fantastic way of creating some lasting memories and getting the adrenaline pumping. You will have just 60 minutes to work together to crack a baffling selection of codes, puzzles and brainteasers. An ideal activity for a stag weekend or hen do or just for some thrilling fun! Here you will have to uncover anything that incriminates the Shelby family and destroy it before Campbell's men arrive. Can you outsmart the challenges and escape, proving yourself a true Peaky Blinder?

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