Travel & Transport

The carbon emissions generated from the travel habits of both your visitors and employees are likely to be high if the majority of people travel by car or, even more so, by air. Moreover, with fuel prices remaining stubbornly high, it can often be cheaper in the long-term for people to utilise public or active transport options. There is also evidence that people would increasingly like to travel more sustainably when visiting tourist destinations such as hotels and restaurants, and are more reluctant to visit places where public transport options are fewer. However, taking steps to ditch the car and use alternatives can be challenging; how can you ensure that you provide good facilities for cyclists? How can you help people navigate the often complex range of bus and train options?

Watch this introductory video from Sustainable West Midlands to find out some of the answers to these questions on sustainable travel.

Watch this case study from the Botanical Gardens in Birmingham to see how they have started to support their staff and visitors to travel sustainably, and addressed other aspects of sustainability.

Birmingham Sustainable Tourism Hub: Transport Introduction

Birmingham Sustainable Tourism Hub: Transport Case Study ‘Birmingham Botanical Gardens’