Nature & Biodiversity

The natural environment is our friend and greatest asset. It is also one of the main considerations that tourists take into account when choosing a place to visit or stay. The more you look after your local wildlife, plants and landscapes, the more likely visitors will want to spend longer at your site. You can make it your responsibility to not only prevent damage to your local environment but enhance it and help our natural assets to thrive. This could include installing ‘insect hotels’ or window boxes which the bees and butterflies will love, and, in turn, so will your visitors as you provide more colour and bloom to your site. Even if your core business activity is far removed from nature, you can work with local wildlife conservation charities to take advantage of our natural world and make your site and its surrounding area spring to life.

Watch this introductory video from SWM to find out ways you create a haven for wildlife and plants on your site.

Watch this case study from The Hive Café in the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham to see how they have utilised their roof space to grow their own, seasonal ingredients.

Birmingham Sustainable Tourism Hub: Nature Introduction

Birmingham Sustainable Tourism Hub: Nature Case Study ‘Hive’