Valentine's Day in Birmingham

"Love is all you need," sang The Beatles, but, in our book, a sprinkle of romance makes it all the more special! This Valentine's Day in Birmingham, we've got you covered with dreamy suggestions for your romantic rendezvous.

Picture this: a night in a boutique hotel where love is in the air, creating the perfect setting for your escape. Indulge in fine dining at Birmingham's most romantic restaurants, where each bite is a love story on your palate.

For cinema lovers, cosy, intimate theaters await, offering private screenings against the backdrop of your favourite films. And, of course, exclusive shopping spots to find that unique gift that screams, "You're my one and only!"

But hold on, there's more! Dive into our blog for an extra dose of romance. From hidden gems to lovey-dovey hideaways, we've unearthed a top selection to make this Valentine's Day nothing short of a love-filled fairy tale.

Join us in creating a day where love is not just in the air but in every cheesy, heart-fluttering detail.

Must Visit


Orelle comprises a modern French restaurant located on the 24th floor of 103 Colmore Row…


Welcome to Lane 7, an experience like never seen before: Drinks Bowling Shuffleboard…

All the places for Valentine's Day