Adaptation & Resilience

The impacts of climate change are happening now and will continue to accelerate in future, even if we successfully reduce our emissions to zero. We are likely to see more droughts leading to water supply issues, wildfires causing damage to infrastructure and assets, crop failure leading to supply chain disruption, flooding causing damage to premises and infrastructure and heatwaves leading to implications on visitor and staff health. All of these risks and more could result in your business to be unprepared and lead to closures and loss of revenue. However, the good news is that there are plenty of often small actions you can take to improve your resilience to these impacts; simply having a business continuity plan in place and including climate related risks into this can be a great starting point. The key message is that being proactive is a much better approach than being reactive.

Watch this introductory video on the climate risks you need to consider and what you can start to do about them.

Watch this case study from the National Trust on how they have responded to these climate challenges across their diverse range of sites.

Birmingham Sustainable Tourism Hub: Adaptation Introduction

Birmingham Sustainable Tourism Hub: Adaptation Case Study ‘National Trust’