Driving in Birmingham

Driving around Birmingham is manageable, but like any large city, can be more challenging at certain times or along certain routes.

Birmingham is in the centre of the country, meaning it has road links extending out in all directions. Multiple motorways, the largest type of road in the UK, converge on Birmingham.

The M6 motorway gives access from the north-west of England, from the direction of Manchester and Liverpool. The M5 motorway approaches Birmingham from the south-west, coming from Worcester and Bristol. The M40 motorway to the south-east connects London and Birmingham.

The city is also circled by a ring road, the A4540, which is helpful in circling the city centre to get to your destination.

It is highly recommended to plan your route into the city centre and to decide where you are going to park before setting out.

Parking in Birmingham City Centre

There is plenty of parking in Birmingham city centre, with some offering 24-hour parking for a variety of rates.

Birmingham's Clean Air Zone

One thing to bear in mind is that Birmingham operates a clean air zone, meaning there is a charge for most vehicles that enter the area.

Clean air zone and checking your vehicle

Do you need to hire a car to get around Birmingham?

No, you don’t need to hire a car to get around Birmingham. While the city is accessible to drivers, Birmingham public transport is convenient enough to get you where you need to go. Plus, the city is pedestrian-friendly, meaning you can easily walk to many destinations around the city.

If you do wish to travel further and explore the West Midlands, you can find vehicle hire, coach and taxi companies here.