Emissions refers to the gases that are put into the atmosphere, for example carbon dioxide. If your business uses energy, employs staff who drive cars and generates waste, you will produce emissions! There is strong evidence that carbon dioxide and other emissions from human activities is causing our climate to change, leading to more flooding, droughts and heatwaves, all of which have a negative effect on tourism and business profitability. It is everyone’s responsibility to reduce their own emissions and it is your business’s responsibility to do the same. Increasingly, businesses that are not making such efforts are being cast aside from investment and there is now a greater need to show you care about your environmental impact. There are, however, plenty of things your business can do to reduce these emissions, while in the process save you money and ensure you comply with environmental law.

Watch this introductory video on the importance of emissions and how you can play your part to reduce them.

Watch this case study from Staying Cool at the Rotunda to see how they have reduced emissions at their city centre visitor apartments.

Birmingham Sustainable Tourism Hub: Emissions Introduction

Birmingham Sustainable Tourism Hub: Emissions Case Study 'Thinktank'