Organisation: Yuup, Origin Workspace, 40 Berkeley Square, Bristol, BS8 1HP

Sustainability and supporting local are at the heart of our business. We want the way we run our business to truly benefit the local community around us.

We are a marketplace for local experiences, and we exist to help our users discover fun things to do in their own and neighbouring communities. Experiences have no manufacturing footprint, no delivery miles and no packaging and because they are local, little or no travel.



In 22-months our experience hosts in Bristol, Bath and Birmingham have collectively sold 73,000 experiences to local people in their own neighbourhoods. Encouraging people to explore new things to do on their doorstep rather than travel further afield. This includes events at Kilo Ziro, the zero waste bar and café in Digbeth, Birmingham.


Our future plans

We plan to continue scaling Yuup both in our existing cities of Birmingham, Bristol and Bath but also into new regional cities. By doing this we will help many more experience hosts generate additional income in an environmentally friendly way, by connecting them with curious people in their local area.