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Easter Fun Beckons at the Severn Valley Railway

There’s plenty to amuse visitors of all ages at the Severn Valley Railway during the Easter holiday season, with the railway open from Saturday 23 March through till Thursday 4 April, and some very special attractions taking place on selected days, alongside the excitement of heritage rail travel…

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5 interesting facts about Birmingham

Birmingham is an old city with a unique history. It was built on the back of industry – industry that can still be seen in the bricks and mortar of the city today. While its history may be sooty, it has evolved into a modern, green city with a thousand interesting things to find around every…

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One week to go until Birmingham Heritage Week 2022

The start of a city-wide celebration of over 150 events showcasing Birmingham’s fascinating history, people and places is drawing closer, with one week to go until Birmingham Heritage Week 2022 (9-18 September). Birmingham’s Heritage Week returns for its 8 th year in 2022. The popular city-wide…

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Birmingham History and Heritage

Birmingham is quite rightly famed for the pivotal role it played in the Industrial Revolution, earning the well-deserved nicknames ‘the workshop of the world’ and ‘the city of a thousand trades’. However, there’s so much more to discover about Birmingham’s rich history by digging a little deeper at…

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