Social media has become a blooming thing of the present and a definite keeper for the future - if you didn’t snap it, it didn’t happen… right? From pics of lush aesthetics to perfectly placed cutlery, we’re surely all guilty of feeling a million bucks and wanting to show the world. 

We’ve had a look to find five Instagram worthy restaurants in Brum where you can shine brighter than ever and not be judged for snapping every spectacular moment. 

So get comfy and keep reading to learn more...

Tattu Birmingham 

From then to now, can you believe Barwick Street's old boiler room transformed into such a stunning, contemporary Chinese dining experience? Independently founded by two brothers in 2015, the Tattu brand strongly focuses on bringing a unique culinary experience to the UK. The word ‘Tattu’ derives from a mix of Tattoo – the art form and Tatau – an eastern cultural word meaning ‘make a mark’.

The restaurant has flourished in all aspects, from their signature cherry blossom trees uniquely placed in each restaurant (a focal point for most visitors photoshoots) to the expansion of their branches, with Birmingham being the latest edition.

Each plate is crafted with care and the talented Chefs embrace the use of vibrant colours and the finest luxury ingredients to create artistic seasonal food menus with exclusive cocktails to match.

Are you ready to try Tattu's unique contemporary Chinese cuisine? 


Noel's Bar and Restaurant

Dripping in gold with soft pink touches, Noel's Bar is the ideal canalside venue for date night or a girlie meet up, with views to die for whilst you dine in opulence.  

Noel's Bar and Restaurant is located in the heart of Birmingham city centre along the canalside waterfront. Their Mediterranean inspired menu uses the best, fresh ingredients and specially sourced fine cuts from master butcher Aubrey Allen, all cooked in their open plan kitchen and real charcoal grill.  

Pasta and ravioli are both prepared freshly each morning by in house artisan pasta makers and paired perfectly with accompanying sauces. 

Complete your high end dining experience with a refreshing  inspired cocktail menu and sweet treat. 


Argentinian steakhouse Gaucho is situated in the heart of Birmingham’s business district and will be a part of this year’s bigger and better Colmore Food Festival. 

This sophisticated eatery has taken inspiration from giant ombu trees in rural Argentina, embedding wooden illuminated replicas as part of Birmingham’s signature look. 


A cultural blend of Mediterranean and indigenous cooking is used to create Gaucho's delicious menu and their steaks are something that every non veggie / vegan must try! Cooked on a open flame and seasoned to perfection, amongst their selection of dishes their steak is always recommended.


Swing into the weekend (literally) on Siamai’s statement floral swing that everybody snaps a pic on (a trip to the Thai diner would be incomplete without it). Or I mean you could make a visit to try the amazing food and drink?

The name Siamese derives from ‘Siamese twins’ and this is how the Brindleyplace based restaurant developed their concept of providing two nights out under one roof. They have a completely separate bar to the dining area so if you’re wanting a chilled evening of indulgence without the disturbance of a group who’s had one too many cocktails, you totally have that option and vice versa.  

Southeast Asia boasts an incredible and sophisticated food history with an emphasis on light dishes with sensational flavours and aromas, so Siamais’ menus are sure to impress the taste buds. Eating out should be an experience to remember and Siamas’ beautiful surroundings, service and cuisine will all help to get the job done. See what Brummie foodie blogger Bite Your Brum has to say: 



Take a journey to the depths of Dubai on Birmingham's Broad street and be treated like a king or queen as you dine in true style! Varanasi has taken inspiration from world reknowned London eateries Hakassan and Bhudda Bar as well as the luxurious elegance of Dubai. 

The city’s largest restaurant welcomes you through a hallway of dreams into a mesmerising three story diner with multipurpose private rooms and three cocktail bars. The owner travelled the globe to research the finest restaurants and bars around the world to create an unrivalled Indian fine dining experience in Birmingham. 

The menus reflect the overall high-end aura of the restaurant and a selection of luxurious dishes have been created through twists on old favourites and new seasonal additions. Not stopping there on the extravagant scale, Varanasi serve the Midlands' most expensive cocktail at a price stamp of £500! Hennessy Paradis Imperial, Grand Marnier, Quail Egg Whites, seeds from a Vanilla Pod, Lemongrass Syrup, 24ct Gold Leaf and Edible Flowers are all used to create the pricey cocktail, nevertheless theres an huge amount of very affordable cocktails for you to enjoy alongside the lovely food- I’ll just have a Mojito please! 

D I N N E R @varanasibham • Name: Varanasi • Location📍: Broad Street, Birmingham • Decor: The most beautiful grand exquisite decor with hues of golds and maroons. • Wait Time⏱: 10-15 minutes • Price 💷: Around £92 for the order below • Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ • Food Order: Varanasi paneer tikka with coconut & cashew crust. Kasturi Chicken tikka with pickled cucumber and coriander chutney. Monk fish tikka with pickled cucumber, mint & garlic curd. Mains: Nawabi Chicken Biryani served with raita. Curry Sauce. Tarka Dal. Keema naan. Dessert: Chocolate cake and complimentary Gajjar ka halwa to try with coconut sorbet. • Review💬: Varanasi has the most luxurious decor we have experienced to date. The restaurant consists of private dining rooms, cocktail bars and a grand atrium. It really is an opulent dining experience like no other! The food also lives up to the luxurious decor. The paneer tikka was crunchy on the outside and soft and silk on the inside. The chicken tikka was like no other chicken tikka we had ever experienced. It was perfectly cooked and was perfectly spiced. The monkfish was to die for. It wasnt overly spiced and was all about the monkfish. Each dish was served with a fresh crunchy salad and different home made chutneys which accompanied each dish perfectly. For mains we had the nawabi chicken biryani with raita, curry sauce and tarka dahl. The biryani was beautifully cooked with fluffy rice and well cooked chicken. The curry sauce was well spiced and smooth to taste and the tarka dahl was garlicy and had a great bite to it. All tasted as great as grandmas comfort food! For desert as it was the Mrs birthday we had the exploding chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream and Josh our waiter gave us complimentry Gajjar ka halwa to try with coconut sorbet. Both were really yummy. This visit truly was a dining experience. From the amazing decor to the beautifully cooked food to the amazing service. A big thanks to Josh our waiter who explained all the dishes and helped us choose. He even gave us a detailed tour of the restaurant including what’s to come! Even though it is a little pricey it is definitely worth a trip to Varanasi 😍 see highlights for a tour inside!

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