Birmingham, 16th May 2022 - Located at 6 Brindley Place, Foundry, has been created to tap into the strength of the Birmingham community and spirit, which inspired the whopping 6000sq ft of breakout spaces in the building. What’s more, Birmingham has become a hotbed of innovation making it the perfect destination for x+why. In 2021 the city was crowned the UK’s regional start-up capital for the seventh consecutive year and saw a 26.8% increase in new businesses from 2019. 

x+why is also tapping into the desire to do business differently, benefiting not just profit margins but people and planet. As a certified B Corporation x+why has been recognised for going above and beyond when it comes to governance, environment and society. Its spaces are designed and managed to be as sustainable and ‘green’ as possible, from the furniture to the living roofs and energy efficient lighting. As a community, members of  x+why are currently working towards 13 of the 17 UN sustainability Development Goals.  

All the brands used within the space, from stationary through to toiletries, have been vetted for both quality and sustainability, right down to the coffee which will be provided by local business, Gorilla Coffee. 

Rupert Dean, CEO and co-founder of x+why commented: “I am blown away by the Birmingham business community. There is such an appetite to work together and usher in a new, exciting, economy that is kinder to the planet and to the people living on it.

“It’s why we are taking inspiration from the community itself to create Foundry, a space that will live, breathe and grow with its Birmingham members acting as the beating heart. We’re proud of what we’ve created, but more so, proud of what will be achieved in the space by its exciting members.”

This is the first x+why space opening in Birmingham with another due to open by the end of the year. 

x+why’s other locations:

  • People’s Mission Hall, Whitechapel
  • Huguenot Place, Spitalfields
  • The Fulwood, Holborn
  • Chiswick Works, West London