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Keepers were excited to find that the cute, stripy youngster had been born during the early hours of 17 March, to 12-year-old mum, Akuna.

Grevy’s zebra are pregnant for 13 months, so keepers have been waiting patiently for the birth, following being seen mating with dad, Kees, in the early months of 2022.

The Park’s Grevy’s zebra are listed as ‘endangered’ by the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature) and are part of a collaborative European breeding programme, that aims to conserve endangered species.

Head of Wildlife, Angela Potter, said,We are delighted to announce the birth of a beautiful female foal to our Grevy’s zebra mare, Akuna. This is her second foal and she is once again being a kind and attentive mother. Akuna was recommended to breed with male, Kees, as part of the European ex-situ breeding programme (EEP), so he made the journey to join us from Cologne Zoo in Germany, in October 2020.

“Every birth is important, as these zebras are ‘endangered’ in the wild with numbers estimated at around 3,000, with 90% of the population being found in northern Kenya. Threats in the wild include hunting, habitat loss and in recent years severe drought in a range countries. They are one of Africa’s most endangered large mammals.”

She continued, “The next steps for Akuna and her foal are that they will be mixed with our other female, Nafeesa, then will be let out onto the safari, where she will share her home with the white rhino, Congo buffalo and antelope.”

Following identification that the foal was a female, keepers picked the name Lola, as all babies born at the Park in 2023 will have names beginning with the letter L.

The birth of Lola is a fantastic start for the Park’s celebrations, as they commemorate their 50th anniversary this year.

Guests may be able to see the foal over the Easter holidays, when the Park will be offering a whole host of fun, to celebrate their golden year.

The zebras can be seen on the Park’s four-mile drive-through safari, included in the admission charge (when booking online in advance), starting from £22.00 for adults and children aged 3-15 and £19.00 for concessions. Children under the age of three are free.

The Adventure Theme Park rides are charged extra. Admission includes a Free Return to visit again within six months, only when booking online in advance.

Further information about West Midland Safari Park is available from the Park’s website or by telephone 01299 402114.

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