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Following planning being granted on 9 December, the Park can now go ahead with building four single-storey lodges, integrated into a brand-new habitat, for the Park’s bachelor group of lions.

The fantastic new accommodation, due to open early in the summer, will sleep up to six people and one of the lodges will be accessible, for guests with disabilities.

All four lodges will be authentically designed with open-plan living spaces, an outdoor private garden and floor-to-ceiling windows in the bedrooms and living area, meaning guests can eat, sleep and bathe just a whisker away from these magnificent cats.

The introduction of the new lodges also enables the Park to upgrade the habitats of the animals, giving them 24-hour access to both their indoor and outdoor environments.

Managing Director, Chris Kelly said, "We're delighted that planning has been granted for the next stage of our development. This will see new habitats, housing and facilities being built for our bachelor pride of lions, enabling our brilliant team of wildlife keepers to continue the high standard of care they provide for our animals.

“The lions moving into the new habitat, were born here at the Park back in 2019 and we are excited that this is the first time our guests will be able to see them on foot. Alongside their new facilities, we will be installing four beautiful new lodges, which will offer an unforgettable and immersive experience, with these incredible big cats.”

The new lion house has been designed to exceed the standards for modern zoo practises and has been future-proofed for if the dynamics of the pride change, such as if the Park wants to introduce lionesses.

As well as new housing, the lions’ habitat has been designed to be as enriching as possible, to encourage natural behaviours. It will include high vantage points, heat pads, rocks and shaded areas, as well as increasing biodiversity with planting, which will also provide new sights and smells for the lions.

The new lodges will be located near the Park’s African Village, a pedestrianised area that houses meerkats, lemurs and goats. This means that day guests will be able to see the lions on foot, for the first time in the Park’s history, from a viewpoint in the African Village.

Safari Lodges short breaks include breakfast and dinner, spectacular views of the animals, admission to the Park for two days and Theme Park wristbands, during the summer season.

Bookings for the new lodges will open in January, but guests can already book stays with giraffes, cheetahs, elephants, rhinos, tigers and red pandas and find further information on the Safari Lodges website: