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Prepare to be transported back in time to the Mughal period with Sonia Sabri’s stunning ‘Mughal Miniatures’ as part of Birmingham Museums Trust’s annual celebration of South Asian Heritage.

Birmingham Museums is presenting a range of activities and events in celebration of South Asian Heritage Month.

Held annually from July 18 to August 17, the month is a period to honour, recognise, and appreciate South Asian history and the cultural legacy of countries in South Asia.

At Aston Hall on Saturday, July 29, performers donning sumptuous costumes bring to life the exquisite traditional art of Indian and Persian miniature painting, through dance, music and puppetry, all in the stunning setting of Aston Hall’s Long Gallery and gardens.

Everything is not as it seems, however, as well-behaved characters grow tired of their restrictive frames and with the help of the audience they can break free not only of their pictorial frames, but also of society’s expectations.

The performance is followed by a panel talk, during which Artistic Director Sonia Sabri and leading academic experts, including Dr Neelam Hussain from the University of Birmingham and Dr Malini Roy from the British Library, discuss the cultural significance of the amazing works, their multi-cultural roots, and modern debates around the representation of women and decolonisation.

Supported by Without Walls and co-commissioned by Applause, Brighton Festival, Certain Blacks and Hat Fair, Mughal Miniatures is just one of several events and exhilarating performances for the whole family during South Asian Heritage Month.

At Soho House on Thursday, July 27, visitors can experience the art of wearing a sari (or saree) desi style.

For thousands of years women from the Indian subcontinent have worn saris and there are more than 80 recorded ways to wear one. Learn how to drape and wrap a sari with the team from Legacy West Midlands in a friendly, inclusive space. This workshop is free and drop-in from 12pm-3pm.

From sweet shops to Desi Pubs, South Asian communities have had a huge impact on Handsworth and a special tour in August will explore highlights of this cuisine, ending with a tasting platter at the Soho Tavern. The tour will begin at Soho House to explore the Georgian obsession with eating and drinking. From elaborate breakfasts to ceremonial tea making, the Boulton family’s life revolved around dining. Georgian delicacies will be tasted including game pie, gingerbread and pineapple – the fruit favoured by the rich.

The tour will continue out into Handsworth, led by an experienced guide from Legacy West Midlands, combining the Georgian history of the area with that of present-day communities.

Lynsey Rutter, Learning and Engagement Manager, Birmingham Museums, said: “We’re so excited to work with Sonia Sabri Company again and support the development of Mughal Miniatures from its early performance at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery last year.

“Birmingham Museums is especially proud to work with a range of partners that represent the South Asian community with such a wide range of events that offer something for everyone.”