Bringing a whole new meaning to winter spice, the latest show from Cuban dance sensation Carlos Acosta’s troupe – Acosta Danza – was a welcome cultural feast for a cold November evening.

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Gracing Birmingham Hippodrome’s main stage from the 11th – 12th November, Evolution was a two-hour spectacle of four expertly choreographed dances, each with its own theme and story that took you on an emotional rollercoaster right until the last step. 

Each of the unbelievably talented 13 dancers gave an impressive display of technical skill that put even the best Strictly Come Dancing professionals to shame. Every dancer’s movement was the perfect blend of preciseness and emotive expression, that it became increasingly difficult to know who to watch as the night went on. 

What made the performance so captivating was the unique style of dance that Acosta has crafted. Mixing traditional ballet steps with contemporary moves and a sprinkling of Cuban passion, Acosta has brought ballet to new audiences and diversified the dance for a whole new generation of aspiring performers. 

And Acosta himself even made an appearance in the big finale Rooster – a rock ‘n’ roll-themed piece staged to some of the Rolling Stones’ most famous tracks that explored the chauvinism of men during the ‘60s and ‘70s. 

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All in all, we couldn’t think of a better way to warm up a winter’s night. Combining cultural class with levels of exhilaration we’ve only ever experienced at the likes of Drayton Manor, Acosta Danza has it all. 

And next year, the Cuban toe-tapping heartthrob will become the director of Birmingham Royal Ballet – how lucky are we!? Here’s hoping we’ll see much more of this seasoned pro’s exciting dance creations in the city again soon.