Tickets for Digbeth, Birmingham based In A Box 3 are now on sale       

  • Hollywood screenwriter, Jeremy Drysdale penned the script for the first show, Chernobyl: Hidden Depths   
  • Located where Steven Spielberg’s futuristic blockbuster Ready Player One was filmed   
  • In a UK first, In A Box 3 offers 4D experience with senses enhanced by scent technology   
  • Covid-friendly, In A Box can be enjoyed with social distancing measures in place   

Atmos VR have been selected as a CreaTech One to Watch by The UK Creative Industries Council (CIC) 
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Opening on October 6th 2021 and located on Floodgate Street in Digbeth, Birmingham where Steven Spielberg’s futuristic blockbuster Ready Player One was filmed, In A Box 3 offers a world where gaming, VR, theatre and film collide with the latest technology to create a truly immersive 4D virtual reality experience.  
The In a Box 3 Digbeth site will be the first of eight bespoke immersive entertainment venues planned to be rolled-out across the country over the next five years. 
The first experience, Chernobyl: Hidden Depths, is written by Hollywood screenwriter, Jeremy Drysdale (Line of Duty, The Game, Battlefield 2). It’s set at Chernobyl Reactor 4, where, unknown to the general public, a covert black ops corporation has been running secret experiments on soldiers, in partnership with the Russian government, using the very radiation that caused the plant to explode. The participating team must rely on their wits and intelligence to solve the challenge through a series of puzzles, which will facilitate their escape before either the mutated soldiers, or the radiation, gets them. 
Visitors will be asked to complete a demanding mission as they battle the elements to overcome the hazards in the dangerous radioactive plant. They will experience challenges to all of their senses as they move between the zones; plus they will be able to pick up and touch virtual objects in the game using optical hand-tracking devices. For the first time in the UK, users will also be able to smell the environment in Chernobyl, using special scent technology which stimulates emotional and behavioural responses virtually. 
Each show takes between 45-50 minutes and the entire experience will take around 60 minutes. Visitors can participate in groups of up to 4 people.  
Atmos VR Founder, Kevin Blair, said, “The last year has been an incredibly challenging time for live entertainment, but we’ve used that time to create a unique and truly ground-breaking immersive experience in Digbeth. In A Box 3 offers a brand new, multi-sensory experience that combines mind blowing technology with a physical sensation overload.  
We’re thrilled to be based in the city’s creative quarter Digbeth, amongst a really interesting mix of food, beverage, retail, residential and creative businesses and also steps away from where Steven Spielberg’s VR-inspired Ready Player One was filmed, which feels rather apt. 
Digbeth is also the hub for a multitude of creative VR and AR businesses. The long-term plan is to offer fans of popular culture experiential VR games, that push the boundaries in VR and immersive 4-D."
Leading West End Theatre Manager, Jenna Harvey has been recruited to lead the In A Box 3 team as Venue Manager. Originally from Birmingham and returning to her hometown to take the role, she previously managed West End theatre, The Playhouse on Northumberland Avenue, hosting a number of high-profile productions including David Mamet’s Glengarry, Glenn Ross starring Christian Slater and Trevor Nunn’s critically acclaimed revival of Fiddler on the Roof.