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Birmingham’s newest restaurant, Chapter, has appointed its senior team ready for launching onto the city’s culinary scene next month.

 Chef Director Ben Ternent is thrilled to have head Chef Nathan Swift and Senior Sous Chef Sam Greenaway joining him and leading the kitchen team. They will be joined by two new faces who will be running the restaurant and  bar at 5-6 Greenfield Crescent, in the prestigious Edgbaston Village.

The newest family members are Ana Chiriac who has taken up the role of restaurant manager and Karina Koleva who is joining as bar manager.

Ana has moved from St David’s in Wales to join the team, attracted by Chapter’s ethos towards employees and sourcing, while Karina, with her great bar and hospitality experience,  is looking forward to working with an independent business.

Experienced local restaurateurs Ann Tonks, Irene Allan and Ben Ternent are thrilled with their newly formed team and are keen to get them onboard and help transform the hospitality industry.

Irene said: “We have worked hard to ensure that we have a good mix of experience and skills joining the Chapter team, and we are keen to develop them further. With Ben and Nathan at the helm and being able to support the new talent joining us, we know this is going to be a recipe for success when our doors open in December.”

Ben added: “An ambition of our restaurant is to transform the hospitality sector and help people see it as a valuable and viable career choice. Gone are the days when hospitality should be a last resort choice and have the reputation for being unsociable and exploitative. The hospitality sector can be a wonderful career choice if the wages and benefits reflect fair pay for fair work.

 “We have worked hard to get Chapter’s benefits and returns to employees attractive to encourage more talent into the industry. Wages, working hours and training have all been overhauled. We have set about ensuring that we have built in a balance of work and home life, we are paying wages that are set above the national living wage, and reflect experience and talent.”

The restaurant will focus on quality, combining produce and products from a family of independent suppliers with top class service to provide a high-level addition to Birmingham’s dining landscape.

They will use top quality British produce from trusted suppliers they have used for over a decade including Aubrey Allen for free range meat and artisanal cheeses; Channel Fisheries and M&J Seafood for fish; and Worcester Produce for local fruit and vegetables.

Chapter is targeted for a December opening and has just launched its online booking system which is available here.

For more details, visit their website

Pictured from left, Nathan Swift, Karina Koleva, Ben Ternent, Ana Chiriac, Sam Greenaway.