KIBOU Japanese Kitchen & Bar brings a new take on “bottomless” to Battersea and Solihull, with the introduction of its Bottomless Sushi menu. Available from 12pm to 3pm every Sunday, the new Bottomless Sushi menu features a selection of Japanese hot small plates to share, plus an unlimited assortment of house nigiri, maki and gunkan.

Expect to find dishes such as Japanese street food favourite, Takoyaki (crispy batter balls with a small piece of octopus in the centre), grilled Teriyaki Eel and Cucumber Uramaki, Gunkan Scallop and KIBOU’s much-loved signature sushi, the Volcano Roll (a tempura battered futomaki filled with salmon, avocado, and tobiko, and drizzled with KIBOU’s special sauces).

Priced at just £34 per person, the menu can also be enjoyed with an unlimited drinks package that includes a selection of Japanese-inspired mimosa (Yuzu or Cherry & Elderflower), Kirin Ichiban lager, prosecco, or house wine for an additional £21 per person. For a non-alcoholic alternative, you can opt for KIBOU’s favourite Rhubarb & Jasmine Fizz along with house sodas for just £15 per person.

The new Bottomless Sushi menu is available for bookings only, and is restricted to a 90-minute session per person.*

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* Terms & Conditions apply – see here for details.