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OTHERWORLD, the UK's most popular high street VR metaverse, opens a new location minutes from Birmingham New Street this April, featuring 18 multi-sensory Immersion Pods and a 16-tap self-serve drinks wall.

Already a favourite of celebrities in London with visits from Adele, Skepta, Jonathan Ross, KSI and Judge Rinder, the VR metaverse portal’s arrival in Birmingham comes months after raising £2.4 million in fresh funding.

“With 18 multi-sensory Immersion Pods, this is our biggest and most ambitious site yet,” said Ed Wardle, Chief Creative Officer. “Guests will have access to a 16 tap self-serve bar within an awe-inspiring projection-mapped space, where they will be able to prepare for their journey into the metaverse and swap stories when they return.”

OTHERWORLD's unique VR immersion pods have transported over 120,000 people since 2019 to a paradise island in the metaverse, where they can enjoy sixteen of the best immersive gaming, arts and education experiences, including blockbusters like Half-Life: Alyx.

Guests at OTHERWORLD earn DreamCoin as they play in VR, a virtual currency that earns them discounts on more time in the metaverse or drinks from the self-serve bar. 16 taps are on offer, including Asahi and Peroni, Local IPA’s Grand Central and Elephant Riders, as well as premium cocktails from Black Lines.

The new 4,850 square foot location is part of a wider expansion. “We’re thrilled to have raised £2.4 million in fresh funding, with backing from OTHERWORLD’s own community,” said Chris Adams, Chief Executive Officer. “Our stunning Birmingham location is just the beginning of our expansion across the UK and internationally.”