Hello lovely readers, I am Priti Draper, your new guest writer for Visit Birmingham on all things fabulous to do with your kids and family in the West Midlands. 

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I am a former mum blogger (@ZenTenBaby on Facebook), Food Writer (Dine Birmingham, Design My Night, Citylicious, Style Birmingham and Asian World Newspaper) and a full time parent to my beautiful four year old daughter Bailey aka Chickpea. 

I have a self-published book on Amazon too "Beautifully Blended", which is a kids book about children accepting themselves on every level and celebrating their differences with pride. It aims to help parents deal with awkward questions offspring seem to ask and how to answer them with truth and love. 

I love eating Chinese food, watching Thai boxing, travelling about, and drinking rum punch (not all at once mind!) I believe life is for living so I make every day count. I adore my family, friends and pets. I read everything from self-help to super nanny books and my guiltiest pleasure is reality TV binging. I can doll up to the nines if needs be but if I had the choice, I would forever be a chocolate-based pudding and in bed by ten - #momlife. 

Myself and my little one have been on numerous adventures since she made her debut appearance into the world and we have explored the creme de la crem of everything child-friendly. From circus skills to Mandarin lessons, family festivals to car boots, you name it and most likely, we have been there and bought the T Shirt! 

I became a mother at 35 whilst suffering from endometriosis so as you can imagine, I was so thrilled to be pregnant. Since the day my daughter was born, my past corporate high flying job, nails, hair and weekly massage appointments took a back seat. You are most likely to find me nowadays learning about bugs or crafting and baking with Chickpea. It is hands down the most amazing job there is (of course hard as fruit but amazing) and I am proud to be able to share with you our city's best events going forward. 

I will be writing for all budgets and needs such as SEN sessions, parents of babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers in different parts of the city - so something for everyone. 

I know the need for changing room space, places that help warm up milk, venues with breastfeeding areas and places that welcome it, as well as events that offer something for mums with multiple kids of varying ages all in one sitting. 

I know us mums need quality cake and a strong coffee, understanding staff and a welcoming environment, free from judgement where we just feel comfortable. I will consider it all before I write, I will try hard to ensure that my recommendations house both variety and value for money. 

My knowledge comes from my links with local businesses, my pro parent friends' thoughts, my own detailed research and of course my own experience, for example did you know Birmingham offers Mum2mum markets and NCT Sales where you can buy preloved clothes and toys for next to nothing? 

I have learned that Birmingham offers surplus to do and see, with great local organisations such as the Parkridge centre, Acacia charity, MAPPA and CICs helping families to access mental health support, offering food bank assistance and some paving the way to educate us about cultural diversity and eco-friendly initiatives!

I will be writing a monthly column on what's hot for mums, dad's and children in Birmingham so you can prepopulate your diary and take some time out to make memories with you and yours. 

So let our adventures begin!