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3 November 2021 - A fine dining restaurant serving delicacies from across the Persian Empire is now open in Brindleyplace.

Qavali have created a truly unique venue, promising a fine dining with a concept that is the first of its kind. Exploring the Ottoman Empire, it covers culinary specialities from across Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan, Persia, and India.

The name Qavali, comes from the style of Sufi devotional singing which originates from the Arabic word meaning 'to speak’ and has inspired the aesthetic behind the brand.

Brand Manager, Sahar Rezazadeh, said "The artistic nature of Sufism has inspired the artistic nature of the dishes to give epicureans a culinary adventure"

In one way or another, every dish served here has travelled the same path as Qawwali music, which means it has travelled over the mountains of Turkey and Iran, the plains of Afghanistan and the dewy fields of India and Pakistan.

General Manager, Giuseppe Minoia said “Our menu is rich with exciting dishes, which have been inspired by a diverse region which remains relatively unexplored in terms of cuisine. The team have worked extremely hard to bring this vision to life in Birmingham.

"We promise customers that their culinary horizons will be truly explored!”
Large but intimate, the dramatic interior includes dark green furniture, a grand oval shaped bar, handmade sculptures, knotted Persian rugs, velvet curtains, and gorgeous stained-glass lighting.

The restaurant measures almost 9000 square feet and will have seating for 250 guests.

As you enter you are greeted by greens and gold, foliage hung across the ceiling, as well as plants and flowers throughout the venue, evoking an evening alfresco dining feel.

The entrance has a group selfie seat for the most Instagrammable snaps. 

The exquisite menu offers the most delicious dishes from all over the Middle East, with many halal options.

These include the Hyderabadi Biryani, delicately layered in saffron rice, topped with a thin and crispy pastry lid. Choosing from prawn, lamb, chicken or paneer, the biryani is slow cooked for a rich and aromatic flavour. 

There is also Mango Ferni; the sweet, silky, smooth pudding prepared with rice flour, sugar, milk and various flavours.

For those feeling really decadent, try the ‘Qavali caviar’, 30g of Osetra caviar and firm roe served with fresh bread and chutneys.

Gisueppe added: "Everything is cooked fresh to order and it’s so worth the little wait, plus we have plenty of starters and cocktails to enjoy to tantalise the taste buds."

Qavali’s extensive cocktail menu is bursting with exciting concoctions, Flowers of Hafez is  made with red rose, poppies, pomegranate flowers, jasmine gin, and Coffee House - Qavali's take on the Espresso Martini made with cold brew coffee, cardamom, and cascara coffee bean vodka.

Gisueppe recommends Hipster Central on the mocktail menu too – a sensual mixture of sweet chai, cold brew coffee, cardamom and allspice. There is also a wine list with Turkish and Lebanese wines such as Ephesus and Kavaklidere.

It’s an exciting time for foodies this Autumn, with tantalising new venues popping up everywhere in the second city.

Make sure to put Qavali on the top of your must visit list.