By Paul Marshall


One of the positives I have taken away from this experience is my discovery and newfound appreciation of the green spaces on my doorstep -  I have vowed to continue using these assets forever -  I promise.   However, the first thing I will not be doing post lockdown will be ‘going for a walk’.  ‘Going for a walk’ has been a major theme of this period - mine and my kid’s wee legs are tired, we have walked more than The Proclaimers.

Having said this, one of the things I am most looking forward to once this has (touch anti-bacterialised wood) blown over, will involve returning to one of the green spaces on my doorstep.  Moseley Park to be precise, for the Mostly Jazz, Funk and Soul Festival - this will be the 15th iteration of the annual shindig, which has gone from strength to strength since its inception… I’m guessing say... around 15 years ago?

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Having been a resident of both Moseley and Kings Heath for many years, I am both surprised and slightly disappointed in myself for never having been to the Festival before – somehow, desite never infiltrating the festival proper,  I have always found myself drawn out into the village during proceedings – and the atmosphere in the pubs and bars (to which the jazzy, funky, soul-y? entertainment extends) is fab.

One of my primary motivators for going this year, above all others, is the fantastic line-up.  As ever, this small festival has attracted some very impressive names, including Neneh (Buffalo Stance) Cherry, The Wailers, The Fatback Band, Nightmares on Wax and one of my favourite acts, and the clincher for me - a DJ set from Maribou State.

I have decided to take my two girls (10 & 12) along for the ride, as this, I’m told, is a kid friendly affair. My girls are far better movers than me, and I can only look forward to showing them up with some good ol’ dad dancing - this will undoubtedly reach new heights of spectacle, considering I have walked circa 500 miles. 

A variety of ticket types are available, including one day, two day or weekend passes.  Looking at the line-up, I’m opting for the Friday night as this covers the bands I most want to see. If you are still young enough to have active and available friends, you can experience the festival in style in one of their refurbished private caravans, which come with the added bonus of an intercom to order drinks.  For me the prospect of gathering ten of my friends in one location is a near uncertainty and would require years of planning, which would ultimately fall apart mere days or even hours before.

Of course all of the above is dependent on things going back to some semblance of normality before summer (the Festival is scheduled for 9-11 July).  The organisers do have guarantees in place if it is cancelled – you can get a refund or roll-over your ticket to 2022 if it comes to that.  With these safeguards in place I say get your tickets now and have something great to look forward to!


Right, that being said… think I’ll... go for a walk.