Birmingham's Bullring is one of the busiest shopping hubs in the UK, today housing some of the world's most famous brands. The area where the iconic building sits today was once a market in 1154, with part of it using for bull-baiting, which is where the name comes from. The Bullring is known for its futuristic design, having been redeveloped in 2003. However, it could look quite different, if it had been designed in the 1900s. 

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For the first time, TransPennine Express has imagined how the Bullring might look, if it had been designed in the 1900s by the Austrian painter Gustav Klint, as part of a brand new series celebrating the UK's landmarks.

Klint was known for his symbolist paintings, using the female body as the primary subject. The reimagining of the Bullring has borrowed from Klint's famous 'Golden Phase', where many of his paintings used gold leaf - fitting for the Bullring, as it houses one of the UK's most expensive department stores, Selfridges.

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