The other day I wandered (not aimlessly) down to the Jewellery Quarter and more specifically onto Livery Street to take a mooch around Hatter’s Hostel – what a revelation!

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I don’t know about you, but the word 'hostel' fills me with some trepidation, perhaps it’s the horror film franchise, but anyway it does not do justice to this amazing place, (although on the plus side Hatter’s Hostel is a nice bit of alliteration that rolls off the tongue nicely!) 

No sir, Hatter’s is more of a boutique affair and its 3 star accommodation comprises of private and shared dormitories – yours from only 12 pounds a night.  Hatters also cater for the Alan Patridge – that’s the long term guest and also city students for just £87.50 per week.

The building is a beautiful Grade II listed affair and labyrinthine in structure - I think even the guy showing me around (the affable Will) lost his bearings at one point – this is by no means a criticism you could spend some time just wandering the corridors looking at the multitude of different themes throughout.   It reminded me ever so slightly of the Crystal Maze with the different zones – although not as overtly stylised you’ll be pleased to hear – Don’t worry there was no medieval themed zone and Will didn’t have a harmonica.

Facilities at Hatter’s are plentiful to say the least - communal kitchen with possibly more utensils than my own, a laundry, a television lounge with a great selection of DVDS (not Hostel!), communal hang outs with pool tables, an outdoor BBQ area, book exchanges - yup – it’s fair to say that Hatter’s have thought of the lot.

Is it secure? I hear you say.  Yes, very much so reply I.  Each room has secure access via keycards and the travel information desk also has a secure safe (for valuables – such as that diamond you purchased in the Jewellery Quarter).

For the price of your stay you also get Free WiFi and a free continental breakfast in the lovely mezzanine dining area that opens onto a rooftop balcony with great views over this historic quarter of the city, (look at the first photo at the top of this page - the mezzanine is that white structure on the roof).  If you've just scrolled up and back down, then welcome back, let's continue.

As with most places in the Jewellery Quarter this place is steeped in history, and if you’re a footie fan you are standing on hallowed ground, as this dear blog readers is the very site where they made the FA Cup - the Olympic medals from 1908 were also produced here - Hatter’s was formerly a silversmith’s you see.  Ahhhh.

Hatter’s are well versed in the accommodation game and have 3 other establishments in the UK.  As Will took me from room to room I was more than pleasantly surprised by the rooms and amenities available and if I wasn’t already a tax paying resident of this fair city I know where I’d be staying. Oh, it’s fantastic for groups too!