One of the most iconic hotel of the city embraces the Christmas season with a full list of novelties. Special menus for the festivities, top-notch decorations, and a wide range of luxurious rooms and accommodation packages, are just a small taste of what Hyatt is bringing to both Brummies and visitors for the next month.

Written by David F. Villar

Erected at Centenary Square, Hyatt Regency Birmingham has been part of the city’s skyline since the 90s. A 24-story building like this, all covered in glass, does not go unnoticed by anyone who passes through the city centre. Also, the hotel is strategically linked with both the International Convention Centre (ICC) and the Symphony Hall. Running parallel to this 4-star hotel is Broad Street, which is by far the most vibrant and fun street of the area. Location is key, and Hyatt Regency Birmingham knows.

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Luxury and comfort at its finest. Image credit: @davidtravelwriter

Within the so-called “most wonderful time of the year”, the hotel is one of the most photographed places in the entire city. This is partly because Christmas experiences like the Big Wheel and the Ice Skate happen at Centenary Square, which inevitably makes the hotel part of the picture, reflecting the lights of the attractions and offering a unique view of the place from its upper floors.

Not far from here, actually a 5-minute walk from the hotel’s entrance, lies the main attraction of Birmingham during Santa’s season - yes, the German Christmas Market. You can be enjoying Hyatt’s incredible à la carte menu, and then sipping a bit of glühwein (mulled wine) at one of the market’s stands just a few minutes later. This year, there is not just one single Christmas market close to the hotel but two. Located in Cathedral Square, known as The Pigeon Park by the locals, one can find both independent businesses stands and live music in the evenings.

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The hotel and the Big Wheel, together. Image credit: @davidtravelwriter

Now that I have covered what is near Hyatt Regency Birmingham, it is time to go inside the place. The hotel’s lobby has been carefully decorated for the Christmas season. Guests can find several poinsettia flowers planted along the entrance, a massive Christmas tree in the middle of the atrium, and even a life-size figure of Santa. For the little ones, there is a chance to take a selfie with Mr Claus and whisper in his ear their Christmas wishes.

Here in the hotel’s ground floor is where the Aria restaurant is located. Those who have chosen Hyatt to spend Christmas Day and New Years Eve will enjoy a particularly luxurious and catered menu for these special occasions. The Christmas Brunch will offer everything from Italian cuisine plates to a hot line that includes steamed salmon, cauliflower gratin, and chicken Tikka Masala. For New Year’s Eve, the menu has nearly 30 different choices. In both festivities, there will be carving stations as well as a wide dessert selection and welcome drinks. Once the food has been served and enjoyed, everyone who wishes to, is encouraged to keep the festivities going at the Gentleman & Scholar, the hotel’s pub where your favourite drinks will be poured and you can relax by a warm stove.

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Image of the Atrium’s ceiling seen from Aria restaurant. Image credit: @davidtravelwriter

After the celebrations, it is time to rest. Whether you are staying by yourself, with your partner, with your whole family or group of friends, Hyatt has the perfect accommodation for you. I will not be the one to reveal all of the secrets and commodities that you will find in the rooms however my piece of advice is that you try to book yourself and your loved ones a room with canal views, they are magnificent!