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Four years after hanging up their headphones at Capital FM in Birmingham, Dan Kelly and Katy Poulsom – alongside producer ‘Posh Ben’ – have launched daily podcast Yesterday Today bringing back their special blend of fun and nonsense, completely unfiltered! Dan, Katy and Ben each bring a story they spotted in the news yesterday, or something that’s happened in their own lives, and talk about it…today. The mad stories you might have missed, something that made them laugh, things that you’ll want to tell your mates about. Recent topics include dinosaurs in space, naked men in fields and socially distanced shoes.

Reuniting for a podcast has been in the pipeline for a while and for Dan it was a no-brainer “our chemistry together and connection with the audience helped us enjoy a long period of success taking the breakfast show on Capital Birmingham to number one in the market, and to be honest nothing I’ve done since has come close. We want our podcast to be heard all over the world but we do have a special connection with Birmingham built from years of doing our breakfast show in the city.” Katy continued “It’s really nice to be able to say anything we like without getting told off by the bosses like when we were on the radio. I’m finding podcast life very freeing...but you have been warned!”

Dan Kelly has worked at Choice FM, Galaxy, Capital and Free Radio. He also spent time doing radio and TV in Dubai, DJ’ing in clubs around the world and spent a season as the stadium announcer at West Bromwich Albion. Dan currently hosts the drivetime show on Signal 1.

Katy Poulsom worked on Galaxy and then Capital for 11 years. She decided to take an extended break after having a baby to go and renovate a barn in rural France - without speaking the language. 2 years on she’s now expecting baby number 2, the barn is almost complete, and she can now order 2 tonnes of cement in French!