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This summer Beavertown Brewery is taking its legendary Skulloon on a tour across the UK with its newly announced Summer Collaboration Sessions — a series of cosmic summer parties hosted in venues across the country. Beavertown is now headed to The Button Factory in Birmingham on the 8th of July; expect a seismic surge of energy and incredible music. 

Beavertown will be bringing together musicians from different genres at each venue to create a one-off Beavertown sound. Brummies will be treated to live music from DJ Yoda, the multi-award winning hip-hip DJ and producer alongside hypnotic cumbia rhythms band Malphino. Get ready to dance to the first-of-its-kind sound from this epic collision.

The free event starting at 2 PM will be held at The Button Factory in Birmingham.
It wouldn’t be a Beavertown party without great beer on tap. You can expect a selection of Beavertown’s finest brews at each location, with Neck Oil, Bones and Gamma Ray on tap in Birmingham, ensuring that you have everything you need to make the most of Planet Summer.

Beavertown’s Birmingham Collaboration Sessions is a non-ticketed event, with free entry at the door.