You’ll find a vibrant community in one of the UK’s largest Chinatowns just a short stroll from New Street Station and the Bullring in the Southside district of the city. Birmingham’s Chinese Quarter grew from humble beginnings with a handful of restaurants in the 1960s to become the thriving melting pot of East Asian cultures you can experience today.

A foodie theme park

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There are over 40 restaurants in the area with the majority being Cantonese in origin, but you will also discover eateries representing Sichuan, Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, Malaysian and Vietnamese cuisines. Some of the larger restaurants like Chung Ying, China Court and Ken Ho are famous for their delicious dim sum where diners from all across the Midlands flock to ‘yum cha’.

Walk past the windows of Look In or Peach Garden with speciality roast meats on display and it’s impossible not to be tempted by the succulent roast duck, crispy pork belly or sticky barbecued char siu. Local legend has it that the restaurants are owned by rival brothers and many a family have fallen out arguing over which one is the best! If your tastes are more plant based, Café Soya specialises in vegan and vegetarian Chinese-Vietnamese fusion dishes.

No trip to Birmingham Chinatown would be complete without visiting an Asian supermarket like Day In to stock up on exotic produce and authentic ingredients direct from the Far East. Pop into a Chinese bakery and treat yourself to a must-try egg tart or some of the lightest, fluffiest cakes known to man before they fly off the shelves! You can also partake in Taiwan’s favourite drink at one of several Bubble Tea bars in the area.


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At The Arcadian, you’ll find everything you need for a fun-filled night out with restaurants, karaoke bars, pubs, nightclubs and the home of the Birmingham stand-up comedy scene at The Glee Club.

Across the road is Birmingham Hippodrome – the UK’s busiest theatre outside of the capital. Built over a hundred years ago, it is home to the Birmingham Royal Ballet, operas, pantos and world class musicals. On Station Street, you will find the country’s first purpose-built repertory theatre (The Old Rep) and Britain’s oldest working cinema (The Electric).

BOM or Birmingham Open Media to give its full title hosts interactive exhibitions inspired by science and technology. And the Back To Backs is a fantastic National Trust attraction that provides a tantalising glimpse into what life was like for working families over the last 200 years.

Find out more on businesses in Chinatown at Southside BID.