1. Check on a vulnerable loved one

Do you know somebody who is self-isolating due to underlying health conditions, age or because they’re feeling a bit under the weather? The smallest gesture could make their day!

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Here’s a few different ways that a little helping hand could go a long way:

  • When you next go shopping, pick up a few extra essentials and deliver a contact-free hamper

  • Plate up an extra meal at dinnertime to make sure they don’t go hungry

  • Help out with a few simple house chores, perhaps you could do some laundry or mow the law

2. Support an Independent business

We are all living in unpredictable times at the moment, but one thing for certain is that helping and supporting one another can never be a bad thing!

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Birmingham is lucky to have such a vast and unique Independent offering with everything from cafes, bars, museums and boutiques. Without our support, our Independents may not survive the effects of this pandemic.

There’s a few simple ways to continue supporting the businesses we care about from home, including: buying gift vouchers, donations, utilising collection/delivery services, online purchases and spreading awareness.

3. Phone or video call someone who you haven’t spoken to in a while

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Whilst we’re all encouraged to stay home where possible, communication doesn’t have to stop. A quick phone call, text or video call could really make somebody’s day.

With more and more virtual events and quizzes, arising, video calls have never been so exciting. There are multiple platforms that allow group calls/chats, so a perfect way to stay connected and entertained together!

4. Consider others

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Adhering to social distancing guidelines, only buying what you need, maintaining personal hygiene and staying home if you feel unwell are just some of the ways to consider others.

We are all adapting to a new way of life so just be mindful and respectful to people around you – you never what somebody may be going through.

5. Have some dedicated self-care time

Looking after yourself is just as important as caring for those around you. It’s so easy to put yourself last, but self-care is essential!

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​​​Maintaining your health and wellbeing can come in many shapes and forms, from clean eating, exercising and reading to learning a new skill and listening to your body and knowing when to rest – explore a variety of options here and see what works for you.