Myself and my colleague Paul were given the pleasurable task of wining and dining at Three Church Road, a wonderful and relatively new restaurant on the culinary scene in Edgbaston.

The restaurant stands proud in the Audley St George’s Place retirement village, but is a separate venture to the village and has its own separate entrance. The rich history of the Grade II listed building is apparent in the tall ceilings and period features, which Three Church Road have done well to compliment with exquisite décor, each room complete with a fabulous and quirky feel.

Once we reached Three Church Road we were greeted with an exterior of Georgian grandeur. After a warm welcome from General Manager, Robert Diaper, we enjoyed a quick show around the restaurant. After a few pap moments (you’ll enjoy our premium photography throughout this blog) we were given the choice of where to dine. We opted for the bistro area to the side of the bar, largely because I’d fallen head over heels for the dusty pink décor which I’m almost certain is what heaven looks like. After much swooning our admiration even extended itself to the radiators, which were painted in the most perfect pink and left a pink radiator shaped hole in my heart.

Our gracious host for the evening was Teja, who gave us a wonderful welcome and made sure we had everything we could have possibly wanted for our dining experience. Now, on to the important stuff…

For starter, I opted for a solid favourite of mine - tuna. But this wasn’t just any tuna, it definitely wasn’t M&S tuna… but a concoction of tender tuna steak with sundried tomatoes (which happen to be two of my favourite things). With added delights such as tomato and pepper dressing and dried capers, the dish was full of flavour and I was deeply sad to say goodbye after the last mouthful.

For main, I opted for pork belly, and if I thought I was happy with my starter… I’d clearly misjudged just how happy a braised pork cheek bon bon was capable of making me feel. Add a slab of pork belly, fondant potato, celeriac puree, a delectable apple crisp and rosemary jus into the equation, and I had myself a winner. On top of the pork belly was what looked like popcorn with a metallic sheen… and I’ll probably be embarrassing myself massively here with my lack of culinary knowledge… but it was an added treat of differing texture and deliciousness, and we all know that’s the info you’re REALLY after here.

For dessert, I went for the solid choice of an apple terrine with mini doughnuts and vanilla ice cream. With a predominant sweet tooth, desserts always bring me so much joy, and this one fell nothing short of sweet, sweet goodness. The terrine was soft but stood firm, and was a match made in heaven with the accompanying vanilla ice cream and cinnamon sugar-coated doughnuts, so much so I became very strategic in constructing my spoonful’s with all 3 components, each mouthful at a time. It was probably at this point I held a strong resemblance to an over-enthusiastic, doughnut-loving hamster, with the bursting cheeks to match.

Did I dine alone? No sir…. If you’ve been reading intently you’ll remember I attended this fine establishment with my colleague, Paul. Over to you… Paul.

Hi, it’s me, the colleague, Paul – here’s my take on my dining experience…

To start my eyes were drawn straight to one thing on the menu – scallops – I didn’t even see the other options -  even though in hindsight I probably should have at least considered them.  You see, I love a scallop and luckily for me I had two! They were perfectly cooked – juicy and fresh and served with a honey glazed chicken lollipop, apple puree and pickled shallots. Three Church Road had set a very high bar from the outset – could they maintain these superlative standards….

Now to the main - I am a great lover of lamb and was overjoyed to see this on the menu. I have eaten lamb the length and breadth of the land and on a fictional lamb leaderboard this dish would place #1.  To be clear it was a Welsh rump and was complimented by creamed potato, baby carrots and rosemary jus. The rich jus was the perfect accompaniment to the tender lamb – oh my, what I’d sacrifice to have it again now!

And – yes they did it – My favourite dessert was on the menu too! Unprecedented - a cheeseboard to finish and the perfect 1,2,3 combo for me!  I couldn’t have been more delighted.  Served with crackers, grapes and a lovely chutney, this sizeable dish concluded a perfect meal in beautiful, calming surrounds.  I’m definitely going back very soon – keep it on the down low people, this place is a treasure…

Now back to my colleague Emily for closing statements….

Thanks Paul. Our Three Church Road experience was certainly one to remember – with fabulous hospitality, quintessential fine-dining and the decor to match, you’d be mad not to try this place out!

Bravo Three Church Road, Bravo!

For more info on this fine dining establishment and what they have on offer, see their website here.




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