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  1. Accommodation in Birmingham

    Accommodation in Birmingham

    Before you check in, check these out...

  2. Venue & Attractions

    Venue & Attractions

    Check out the special offers currently available from the city's leading attractions...



  3. Food & Drink in Birmingham

    Food & Drink in Birmingham

    Whilst in Birmingham take advantage of these food and drink special offers from some top restaurants...


  4. Meeting & event offers

    Meeting & event offers

  5. Cricket World Cup

    Cricket World Cup

    Hooray! We've counted down 50 days to get to this very moment.

    The Cricket World Cup is finally here, and in celebration we have teamed up with some fantastic venues in and around Birmingham to bowl you over with a fab selection of discounts and offers.

    Have a browse through to save some £££ off your next experience in the city and for any other cricket bits and bobs, head here.



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