Watching a game of cricket can induce a mighty thirst. For this reason alone *cough*, we’ve done some very thorough research over the past few months (years even) into the best pubs for a post match drink in Moseley Village - which is just a sixer away from Edgbaston Cricket Ground*

The pubs below are in no particular order and each have their own merits.  If, however you want to embark on a crawl, we have ordered them in a logical route from one end of the village to the other… enjoy and drink responsibly…

*a brief walk, or here’s the bus route. 


(1) The Prince of Wales
118 Alcester Rd, Birmingham B13 8EE

One of the most popular pubs in Moseley - perhaps even Birmingham, your first reaction upon entering The Prince of Wales will be ‘Eh?’ or ‘LIARS!’.  This is because upon entry, you step into a rather unassuming bar that looks like any typical boozer (perhaps bar the moose head). However, it’s what’s out the back that makes the Prince of Wales an award-winning establishment and a favourite with locals and those further afield – a good analogy would probably be The Tardis. 

Step out into the rear garden and you are presented with numerous bars, a food hut, a large heated marquee with big screen and a Tiki Bar - MO-TIKI!  It really is quite a shock and I often like to surprise visiting friends with the reveal. For the more discerning customer head to Shed Du Vin, which serves wine from the reasonably priced to the well… more vintage.

My mate lives next door – so keep it down would ya’!

(2) The Patrick Kavanagh
142 Trafalgar Rd, Birmingham B13 8BX

The Patrick Kavanagh or simply ‘Pat Kavs’ for those short on time is just off the main Moseley high street.

With very reasonably priced ales, wines and spirits, the pub also boasts an outdoor area to enjoy this glorious summer we are experiencing!

#PatrickKavanagh #PatKavs #Sunset #SunsetSky

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If you’ve popped out mid-match for a cheeky pint, you can catch every run on the big screen in the main bar.

If you’re here on a Tuesday evening, we recommend the Smartphone pub quiz – Not to blow my own trumpet or anything, but I have been a five-time victor, so come prepared for disappointment.

In case you’re wondering, Patrick Kavanagh was a famous Irish poet and novelist – a large painting of PK greets you on entry – although for the longest time I thought this was a picture of Larry David from Curb Your Enthusiasm.


(3) The One Trick Pony Club

93 Alcester Rd, Moseley, Birmingham B13 8DD

The One Trick Pony Club describes itself as having industrial-saloon interior design and being unsure as to what this is, we’ll just agree.  I recently went back here after a long hiatus and was pleasantly surprised by what I found.

As I’m writing this, aside from wishing I was in these venues right now, I’m also realising how spoilt Moseley is for craft ale.  I’m particularly keen to try a Dennis Hopp’r or a Stick a Finger in the Soil from the OTPC.

Food wise, the pub has a brand-new menu which has a strong selection of chicken and burger dishes – OTPC also serves up some delicious sharers/ platters and is the perfect place to refuel with mates after a long match.

Again, you’ll find a big screen here to watch the cricket if you have inexplicably left during a game and an outdoor area to catch some AWOL but hopefully soon to return sunshine.


(4) The Fighting Cocks

1 St. Marys Row, Moseley, Birmingham B13 8HW

The Fighting Cocks is where I spent most of my post-uni days amassing an un-enviable credit card bill.  Despite the self-inflicted animosity I feel towards the establishment, it still draws me back.

There’s a great selection of craft ales, ciders and beers on offer, there’s also some fantastic food to be had here, including a splendid Sunday Roast.  Last time I ventured here I enjoyed a really very special pork pie, which I often remember fondly.

The décor is cosy and illuminated by lots of lamps and natural light spilling in through the stained glass windows – think 30 watts.  As with most Moseley establishments this one comes complete with a beer garden with heaters, and a screen to watch the cricket.

(5) The Cuban Embassy

23 St Mary's Row, Moseley, Birmingham B13 8HW

The Cuban Embassy is a fantastic independent venue that has an enviable selection of spirits – especially (and unsurprisingly) rum.  In fact, the Birmingham Rum Festival is held here annually - the 4th edition of this popular event is back on 29-30 June!

Upstairs hosts amazing musicians and there are performances six nights a week; the dance floor is always packed and the perfect place to get your Latino groove on.

@rhythmsdeltoro on stage last night

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Again, there is an outdoor area where you can light up a big Havana if you feel so inclined.

Think limes, think trumpets, think fiesta and this, we think, sums up The Cuban Embassy.


(6) The Dark Horse
145 Alcester Rd, Moseley, Birmingham B13 8JP

Another popular venue with local residents (e.g. me), The Dark Horse draws a refreshingly eclectic crowd from the Village.

Like all the pubs on this list it has an outdoor area, but uniquely it’s on the front of the establishment, which allows you to watch Moseley life go by.

Whilst here, we recommend you get something from the Smokehouse – we had the burnt ends last time we visited and they were charred to perfection. The bar has a superb selection of craft beer – including some local ales that are unique to the area.

By night The Dark horse really comes into its own, with live DJ’s, comedy shows and surreal quizzes - it’s usually open quite late too (well I think it is, I‘ve never actually checked my watch!)


And this concludes our pub crawl. Please leave this page quietly & avoid disturbance.

Moseley have we missed anywhere you’d recommend to our Cricket World Cup visitors?…




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