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Voi e-scooters are a fun, affordable and sustainable way to travel in Birmingham and see the sights! Covering nearly all of the city and available 24/7, they’re easy to find, quick and convenient to use, but also fun. 

We want you to have a great experience in Birmingham. One of the zippiest ways to get around is by Voi scooter. If you’ve never tried a Voi scooter before, you can benefit from a special offer of a free 10 mins ride. Just insert the code: VISIT_BIRMINGHAM at the point of purchase on the app.

Download the app and look out for the bright coral e-scooters dotted around the city. You could pick one up at Birmingham New Street Station on arrival, which is just one of hundreds of Voi Parking Zones in the city, all clearly marked on Voi’s app.

It’s quick and easy, just follow these instructions:
1)    Download the Voi app on either your Android or iPhone device to start travelling around the city on two wheels.
2)    Riders need to have a provisional or full driving licence and be at least 18 years of age to hire an e-scooter. This will be verified within minutes of submitting a photo of it via the app. 
3)    Find an available Voi e-scooter and unlock it using your Voi app.
4)    Riders are always encouraged to wear helmets.
5)    Before riding you can learn how to ride safely in just 15 mins by enrolling in 'RideLikeVoila', Voi's online e-scooter traffic school. You will win £5 of free rides when you have completed it.
6)    New riders can get a free 10 mins ride. Just insert the code: VISIT_BIRMINGHAM at point of purchase
7)    If you are new to e-scooters, you can also switch to Beginner's mode on the app, reducing the speed to 10mph so you can find your feet. The normal maximum speed is 12.5mph. 
8)    Make sure to park in the Voi parking zones - marked on their app.
9)    Before you complete your ride, you need to take a ‘Parking Photo’ of your scooter and submit it to Voi, who will then quickly allow you to complete your ride. This is to make sure the vehicles are parked safely and responsibly to keep the streets safe and tidy for all our visitors and residents.

For more details on how to Voi see: voiscooters.com/faq and check out their Birmingham City Guide on how to explore the city by e-scooter. 

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