Birmingham has been catapulted into the global spotlight following endorsements from some of the world’s greatest athletes at the Olympics - Usain Bolt, Yohan Blake and Warren Weir all gave Birmingham a special mention for its warm welcome and praised the training facilities at the University of Birmingham.


We've launched a #BigupBirmingham campaign asking people to celebrate and ‘big up’ what they love about Birmingham.  Tell us what you think is great about Birmingham on Twitter or Facebook and we'll add to the list below.  You can also submit your recommendations for our top 5 weekend picks and itineraries; go on #BigupBirmingham!




To keep the conversation going - we have a created a unique #BigupBirmingham ‘twibbon’, an image you can easily add to your Facebook/Twitter account to show your support.


The Birmingham people, when we were at camp, they were extremely great to us. They showed us a lot of love, and thank you guys – you guys helped us come out here and do our best.
I'd like to say all the big up to Birmingham, the university. That’s where's we trained, they really supported us. We got everything possible. We got indoor facilities, the gym works and everything so for me it’s an honour. Thank you guys for everything you have done for me really. Thank you.

Usain Bolt - Jamaican athlete

Birmingham people, you guys take care of us. We have to give you all the respect Birmingham.

Yohan Blake - Jamaican athlete

Usain Bolt knows what we've always known; Birmingham rocks! Check out why here: http://bit.ly/NtBOPw

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Your #BigupBirmingham tweets


The NIA ‏@niabirmingham
We're loving the #BigUpBirmingham hashtag because we love Birmingham! What's your favourite thing about the city?

LG Arena ‏@thelgarena
The music scene! RT @niabirmingham: We're loving #BigUpBirmingham because we love Birmingham! What's your favourite thing about the city?

I Am Birmingham ‏@IAmBirmingham
@niabirmingham Birmingham has a great creative, artistic, vibrant and incredibly diverse cultural scene :) #BigUpBirmingham

Richard Goulding ‏@bhbnrichard
#bigupbirmingham The city of 1000 trades. And it was once said that if it wasn't made in Birmingham, it wasn't made anywhere!"

Knuttyknutty ‏@KnutRoger
#BigupBirmingham I love visiting Birmingham

Phil Upton ‏@flupton
Just want to add my voice to the great #BigupBirmingham campaign - sit up and take notice!

Legacy WM ‏@AftabRahman
Hi #BigUpBirmingham let's make this city as great as the time of #boulton #watt #Murdoch from the great industrial period

Jax Lovelock ‏@jaxlovelock
@visit_bham loving #bigupbirmingham because it's highlighting all sorts of events, venues, activities and fun that we can join in with!

Tony Dudley-Evans ‏@dudleyevans
A neglected but beautiful part of Birmingham is Edgbaston Reservoir constructed by Brindley in 19C and feeds the canals #BigupBirmingham

Johnny P ‏@KatsumotoJP
Ah, Birmingham. Once again I have clean air, a reasonable temperature and several metres of personal space. Bliss. #BigupBirmingham

loving #bigupbirmingham cause it's highlighting all sorts of venues, activities & fun we can #joinin with! @joininuk #sport

Keith Bracey ‏@Braceman1
I'd #BigupBirmingham for its diversity and its fusion of many cultures, creeds and nationalities creating #OneBrum

Town Hall Symphony Hall ‏@THSHBirmingham
We #bigupbirmingham for the many wonderful music orgs like @supersonicfest @TheCBSO @excathedra @hareandhounds @moseleyfolk @The_Drum

Town Hall Symphony Hall @THSHBirmingham
Our city's fab arts and culture. When a man is tired of Birmingham he is tired of life, as Samuel Johnson very nearly said #bigupbirmingham

Oxjam Birmingham @OxjamBrum
From bhangra to baile funk, grime to grindcore, rare groove to rockabilly - our music community has it all :D #bigupbirmingham

Fated Snowfox @fatedfox
I've lived all over the country and in California too, but Birmingham is the place I've always wanted to come back to #BigupBirmingham

Sid Peacock @sid1307
Birmingham Chinese Quarter has amazing cafes and restaurants. #BigupBirmingham!

Brendan O'Neill @Stickleback_Pro
As a great place to make independent films #bigupbirmingham


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